About Us

Our Mission: 

“We inspire and connect driven students to become LEADERS”

Marshall Business Network (MBN) is a student-run organization at the University of Southern California. MBN’s purpose is to assist students in finding their career paths. In this effort, MBN collaborates with various other student organizations to create co-sponsored guest speaker events and organize corporate tours. These events are meant to inform our members of the various career opportunities in the professional world, by introducing them to recruiters and executives of various industries. We search for committed USC students that are interested in developing skills to work in the corporate world, as well as get involved within the student-organization to expand opportunities for members.

Upgrades This Semester


We have made some SERIOUS and AWESOME changes to our core program. This semester we will be shooting for a 50-50 balance of guest speakers vs. workshops during the weekly meetings. With that said, our goal is to have ALL of these events facilitated by MEMBERS. What does this mean? We want our members to be able to customize their MBN experience. The way it works is simple: bring your ideas to the E-Board and we will support you as you have the opportunity to facilitate your own event! By supporting our members in this way, we empower them to take control of their extracurricular experience at USC. This is, at its core, an entrepreneurial approach to education, and one we hope will serve members well in their college careers.


You may have already noticed that we made significant improvements to our website. Take some time and explore our new layout. Highlights include: Integrated blog (over 1,000 hits last semester; an ideal place to demonstrate and explore your interests in a professional context), up-to-date calendar, social media integration and more! We will continue to build upon this, archiving our past events and exceptional member achievements.

MBN is on a mission to bring students a unique and exciting student organization experience. The e-board is committed to being there for the members and constantly strives to provide the resources members need to be successful. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out.